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casino entertainment for business

Casino parties for business will provide your clients or staff with a quick refresher during your promotional event. Why not award winners and losers with a variety of prizes or team build with timed blackjack sessions?

Team building against the clock

This game will set groups of players against each other with the winning team being the one with the most chips at the end of the session. With a stop watch in hand the first team will start their 4 minute race. Players have to think fast as the dealer will be giving out cards like there is no tomorrow. Strategic betting is the order of the day too, so make sure all the chips are visible at all times (no hiding them in your pocket).

Blackjack in Action ...
Blackjack Layout

Corporate Event Hire Example ...

1 x Blackjack table & 1 x Roulette table including croupiers = £330 (based on a 3 hour event hosted in the Leeds, Bradford or Harrogate area).

Please note ...

Table rental costs are based on a minimum of two tables per event (hosted in the Yorkshire area), includes all equipment and of course, friendly dealers.

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