Blackjack Table Hire

Blackjack Table Hire ...

Our most popular game

Blackjack is our most rented game and an exiting way to entertain your guests.

The object of the game is quite similar to "pontoon" with players competing against the dealer to achieve a score as close to 21 as they dare without going over.

The Dealers

Blackjack table hire includes 1 croupier to run the game.

Our dealers are fun, professional and have a wealth of experience to entertain your guests. If you or any of your party are unsure to the rules of roulette our staff will be on hand to clear things up on the day.

Pricing & Time Frames

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A bit about Blackjack

Upon placing a bet at the Blackjack table you will receive two cards face up for all to see against the Dealers one card (also face up). You then have the option to keep the hand that you have been given by stating "no card" or "stay" or if you think that you can improve it, you can ask for another card. Be careful though as going over 21 will constitute a "bust" and your chips will be removed. Once you have decided that you have enough cards it will then be the turn of the dealer to try to beat your score (again without going over 21 himself).

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Blackjack terms at a glance
  Terms Definition
1. Split Option to increase wager
2. Double Down Option to increase wager
3. Blackjack A total of 21 with only two cards
4. Push (stand off) Neither win or lose
5. Bust Score totaling more than 21
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